Our Story

We are lovers of timelessness and swear by classics. To us, traditions mean a lot more than values, it is our way of life. Being Bengalis, we have always got the best of everything – literature, art, philosophy, science, crafts, handloom, cuisine. Bengal has been ruled by the Mughals and the British. Our ports have been an open forum for the whole world. As a people we have bits of at least four races in our genes. Our minds have been conditioned to examine everything but pick up the best. Our noses are known to be far up in the air because of our love for the finer things in life. The Bengal Tant is known for its finesse. The traditional Bengali thali stimulates all the taste buds, yet nothing is over-powering. At the same time, we are famous for our ingenious recycling of paper, cloth and even coconut tree leaves. We are also the unofficial pioneers of the “Root to Stem” trend of today.

We are here to give you a peep into our world; our thoughts, our fashion, lifestyle, home decor and our food. Become a member to know more and take a piece of our Bengali gharana – which we so loving call The Bengal Ghorana – yes, with an ‘O’.